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Food in Fasano is simple and tasty thanks to the exceptionally fresh and good products used in the typical Mediterranean cuisine.immagine In a lucky position, stuck between the hills and the sea, thanks to its rich fertile soil and a particularly mild climate, Fasano offers a gorgeous variety of agricultural products.immagine Extra virgin olive oil has always been the most important crop in this area, produced in the many local oil mills by means of a modern process which gives historical continuity to hypogeal oil mills of ancient Rupestrian hamlets. Freshness of fruits and vegetables is guaranteed thanks to the new Agricultural and Food Consortium, one of largest in southern Italy.
Enjoy the many types of fresh pasta served with seasonal vegetables or tasty and traditional meat sauce,  immagine try our meat roasts, locally called “meat in the wood-burning oven”, i.e. lamb, sausage and “gnumarielli” (lamb bowels), reviving the Apulian distinctive habit to have meat grilled straight at butcher’s, who provides tables and chairs lining the street right outside the shop during the many patrons feasts held in summer. For those who love fish, they can have the largest selection of local seafood.
Treat yourself with sweets: “bocconotti”, “cartellate”, “copeta” and “pettole” are typical and traditionally served in the festive season. Made with almonds, walnuts, honey, jam, cooked wine must, they are the right finish of the meal, especially when served with “strictly homemade” limoncello.