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Fasano-Style House Museum

 immagine The House is in Piazza Mercato Vecchio, in the old town, right behind the Town Hall, well preserved inside an old Palace. House interiors are typical of late XIX century, displaying furniture, tools and a typical female dress.
Fasano-Style House is the mean to better know our past, a chance to rediscover the old town, to be again its beating heart, so that knowledge can become passion and love to our history.

Photographer Cosimo Rubino.    immagine


Open on Saturdays only 6.00pm – 8.00pm or pre-book at the following:
Museo della Casa alla Fasanese
Piazza Mercato Vecchio, 3
Fasano (BR)
Phone +39 338 25 78 163  
          +39 339 19 07 390