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Discovering Fasano and its outskirts

Stepping back into History. From Seppannibbale to Egnathia by car or bicycle, about 10 kilometres  immagine
route: downtown Fasano, take Fasano-Selva exit towards Bari, then first exit on the right, local roads Seppannibale, Lamalunga and Egnazia.
what to see: Small Shrine of Seppannibale, Masserie, Rupestrian settlements, Egnathia Archaeological Park

True Colours of the Sea. From Egnathia to Torre Canne by car or bicycle, about 9 kilometres  immagine
route: Monopoli – Torre Canne provincial road
what to see: Egnathia Archaeological Park, marine colours and landscape, Savelletri, Forcatella and Torre Canne marine boroughs

Itinerary of Taste. Extra Virgin Olive Oil track

by car, about 20 kilometres (farms to be visited in brackets)  immagine
route: Coccaro provincial road (Farms Maccarone and Tenute Burgo Coccaro), Savelletri – Fasano provincial road, Fasano towards Pezze di Greco (Farm S. Lorenzo), Pezze di Greco (Farm, highway 16, turn left at junction 101 provincial road (Farm Ottava Grande), highway 16, intersection to Montalbano (Farm Spetterrata)
what to see: fortified masserie, olive groves, rural churches, Rupestrian settlements, Oil Museum, S. Pietro di Ottava Church, Dolmen

Walking the Pilgrims’ Trail. From S. Lorenzo to Pozzo Faceto Sanctuary by car or bicycle, about 9 kilometres  immagine
route: from downtown Fasano, Via S. Lorenzo, S.Lorenzo - Tamburrone local road, S.Marco local road, Signora Munno-Ottava local road to Pozzo Faceto.
what to see: masserie, rural churches, ancient tracks, Rupestrian settlements, Sanctuary of Our Lady of Pozzo Faceto

Down the Enchanted Valley… from Laureto to Cocolicchio
by car, bicycle or walking, about 3 kilometres  immagine
route: Viale Tupparello, Viale Don Sante, Viale Bosco Talinaro
what to see: trulli, masserie, landscape, Cocolicchio tiny borough

Hidden Nature. Ravine of S. Donato on foot, about 400 metres
route: Selva di Fasano, Viale S. Donato, intersection local road Giritore
what to see: Rupestrian church of S. Donato, natural beauty of ravines, landscape

Whitewash Alleys. Downtown Fasano on foot  immagine
route: Via S. Francesco, Via Dragone, Largo S. Giovanni Battista, Largo Seggio, Via S. Teresa, Portici delle Teresiane.
what to see: Tower, Matrice Church, Assunta Church, Palazzo Baliale, S. Maria della Grazia Church, Rosario Church, Teresiane Cloister.

The very heart of the town...elegance of the architectural perspectives on foot
route: Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Piazza Ignazio Ciaia, Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi.
what to see: Purgatorio Church, elegant buildings, Town Hall, Palazzo dell’Orologio, S. Nicola Church


1.  Tower     immagine
2.  Town Gardens
3.  Piazza I. Ciaia
4.  Town Hall
5.  S. Nicola Church
6.  Clock Tower
7.  Palazzo Gaito
8.  Palazzo Brandi
9.  Palazzo Telesio
10. Purgatory Church
11. Palazzo Ciaia
12. Balì Arch
13. Palazzo Seggio
14. Town Library
15. Matrice Church
16. Assunta Church
17. S. Giuseppe Oratory
18. Maria Santissima del Rosario Church
19. Portico and Teresiane Cloister
20. Madonna della Grazia Church
21. San Francesco da Paola Church